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Emotional Intelligence Poster

Emotional Intelligence Poster

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 Suppressing negative emotions for you or your children and pretending everything is good, will not lead to long lasting happiness.

In a lot of cases, negative emotions can be very useful. They can give important cues about our environment and can guide us on how to respond.

For example, fear signals that you might be that you might be in a dangerous situation and you that you need to get away; anger may drive you to react and take positive action about something which is unfair.

On the other side only focusing on experiencing positive emotions like happiness can sometimes result in less happiness. Too much of any emotion in the wrong context will not be in your best interest.

Recognizing, and labeling your emotions—both the negative and the positive—is associated with better physical health and emotional well-being as opposed to emotional suppression for example which does not work.

The key to long lasting happiness is not to remove all negative emotions from your life; instead, the goal is to also experience positive emotions even when things are not going your way.

This poster will help you or your kids with emotional recognition by helping you to figure out what emotion you are experiencing.

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