Can I trust this website?
I use Shopifys system to take credit card payments. I also take payment using Paypal.
Do I have qualifications?
Yes I can email qualifications on request.
What locations do you work in?
Anywhere that has an internet connection so anywhere in the world.
Do you work with kids?
Yes I can with parents present online.
What happens during the free consultation?
This a general discussion to get a general outline for a plan of action.
What are the steps for the nutritional plan?
First I get you to fill out a food diary so that I know what foods and meals you like. I also then assess your daily activity and emotional state. I then select a kcal plan which is conducive to achieving your fitness goals. I do not give dieatary plans for medical issues.
Do the fitness plans come with nutritional meal plans?
They dont come with meal plans but I do give nutritional advice which can be enough for a person to start and achieve their goals.
Do you do physical training sessions online?
No I just do fitness and nutritional consultations.
How do I contact you if I have questions about my ongoing plan?
Everything is done through an easily accessible mobile phone App.
What do you mean by emotional intelligence?
This is an awareness of how to regulate your emotions and how this impacts your aims and goals.